SPRINT Week 1 Recap – Looking Forward to Week 2!

The first week of HAMS’ SPRINT 2016 was a huge success! We had great turnout at all three of our talks, as we featured data scientist Michael Chen from Facebook, Harvard SEAS Professor David Parkes, and senior fellow Jim Tung from Mathworks! Everyone enjoyed great food and snacks as they listened to very informative talks from all three speakers, gaining invaluable insight into real-world applications of mathematics!

Check out these photos:


Here is the lineup of more superstar speakers for Week 2 of SPRINT 2016:

Oct 25: Ariel Amir (Biomathematics, Harvard SEAS)
Topic: “Biology, Evolved: Biomath for Genetics and Evolution”
***Refreshments will be provided***
6:00 PM, Sever Hall 106

Oct 26: Na Li (Decisions, Control, and Networks, Harvard SEAS)
Topic: “The Future of Energy: Economics and Engineering”
***Refreshments will be provided***
6:00 PM, Boylston Hall 105

Oct 28: Sam Gershman (Artificial Intelligence, Harvard FAS and Center for Brain Science, Harvard FAS)
Topic: “Building Machines that Learn and Think Like People”
***Refreshments will be provided***
6:00 PM, Emerson Hall 108


Click this main event link for more details!


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