SibFam Info


  • The purpose of the Applied Math SibFams Program is to foster a closer sense of community where you will be able to meet other Applied Math concentrators with similar interests. The SibFams aim to bring together and establish small groups of Applied Math concentrators with similar areas of application as family units so they can get to know each other, hang out, and build a support network. Through a partnership with the Applied Mathematics department, HAMS matches and sorts newly declared concentrators into these families. Currently, HAMS hosts several major social events per semester for these AM families, through which we aim to make it a program that is both fun and rewarding for all involved. Additionally, we have funding available to support smaller get-togethers within individual SibFams. 
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SibFam Heads Contact Info:

Computer Science: Suproteem Sarkar (suproteemsarkar@college.harvard.eduand Luke Melas-Kyriazi (

Economics: Lexi Milunovich (

Biology: Ben Banavige (